Frequently Asked Questions & General Information


Updated: 2018-01-16

Q: Hello?
A: *silence* – Please don’t do that. Please send me a message that describes what you actually want so I can help you!

Q: Please come and rent a Vendor on my Sim?
A: No thank you. We have no more requirements for new Vendors. More often or not we have gone and paid for a Vendor on a Sim and the Services we received for our Lindens in return has been utter rubbish to a point where we couldn’t even get Land invites after paying for a spot. If you like our creations so much you must have them for sale, I can add a vendor for free or arrange an affiliate vendor package for your Sim.

Q: I can see you on the map/showing Online/sat in the Store. Why won’t you answer me?
A: If I am ONLINE and don’t reply I am most likely AFK/Working/Sleeping. Often it’s easier for me to not log off to continue where I left off later on.

Q: When will you deal with my query?
A: My time zone is CET. I will answer your queries as soon as I possibly can. All your IM’s get send to my Email if I am OFFLINE, but SL has a tendency too eat some of them. Sending me a Notecard is still your best bet to reach me. When sending a Note Card please do not send it named “New Note”. Rename it to have your name at the very least. “New Notes” will get deleted.

Q: Do you provide Blogger Review Copies?
A: Please refer to this post

Q: I bought this and that in error. Can I get my money back?
A: There are absolutely no refunds to what you buy from me. If there is an issue with something I will however do my very best to fix it and if the situation calls for it give you store credit. All of our adverts have detailed information on them so you should read before you buy and try demos where available!

Q: Can you make a Skin/Shape/Eye etc for me?
A: I do custom work. But on my terms, my schedule and I don’t start without a goodwill payment from you, upfront. Further payments will be required as work progresses. Also don’t expect me to do a custom piece for you for the price of my usual Avatars. It will cost considerably more.

Q: I have this RP Group/Sim/Cantina. Please can I have a Fullperm Avatar to give out to my people?
A: I absolutely do not give out FULLPERM anythings. EVER. I.e. you want a skin, shape, etc for your group to use I set up a vendor loaded with what you need for you.

Q: Can you put this and that freebie on my sim?
A: No. Gifts are Available at our own Stores. Feel free to put up a Sign with a Landmark.

Q: Will you release So-and-so Avatar in this and that Colour?
A: Generally no. The complete Avatars we offer are usually Special Edition Sets that include a lot more than you get with a Basic Skin Set. They include several Make ups and other extra items. However we do continuously work on new Skins and they are usually compatible with our accessories so with that in mind you can easily build an avatar in your preferred colour scheme. We always like to hear your suggestions or ideas though and if we like it, it may just happen.

Q: You updated this and that avatar. Why was the update not free?
A: Whenever possible I will provide free updates. But since we are predominantly a Skin Store an update might mean a completely new skin, in which case it will not always be free. If we release a technical update or a correction of a product it will, of course, be free!

Q: You have updated your Skin packs to include appliers. I already have the x applier and basic skins. Can I get that refunded from the package if I buy a new one?
A: Previously buying all appliers separately amounted to approximately L$ 5000. For this reason, the pack presents a huge reduction in price and we can only refund customers who have previously bought all the appliers. Please contact us with your transaction information to sort this for you.

Q: How do I get your Omega compatible meshes to work?
A: To get our Ears, Antennae, Head and other mesh parts to work you no longer need to purchase the Stargazer Kit from Omega. Omega is now PRE-INSTALLED in our products! Please grab an updated version at a redelivery terminal.

Q: How can I use the Omega appliers for Eyes?
A: Many mesh heads may include eyes that are Omega compatible. Check their product descriptions. Alternatively, you can buy Omega compatible eyes on Omega’s Marketplace

Q: What appliers do you support?
A: At this time we fully support Omega Appliers, which cover a vast range of mesh heads, bodies, and other accessories. Detailed information on the later can be found here Genital appliers Midnight Lotus (as standard included with male packs), VSX, Sinful Needs Osiris and Slink Physique male genitals. Soul Uni Ears. If you are missing a specific applier please contact us with a detailed notecard and we can see if we can fix this for you.

Q: Do you make TMP (The Mesh Project Appliers)?
A: We do NOT currently make appliers for The Mesh Project and with so many Omega compatible mesh options out there we do not plan on doing so. We suggest you contact the TMP creators and express your needs for Omega compatibility.

Q: My applier doesn’t work! Can I get a refund? Help? Whatever?
A: We test ALL of our appliers on at least one of the (Usually more!) OMEGA bodies and Slink before we ship them. We take advert pictures wearing what we made, so we know they work! Furthermore either the same day or within the next two days we have at least 5 bloggers trying them. Should a faulty applier ever slip through we will replace it. IF it is indeed faulty. Before you assume this make sure you have taken all steps to rule out user error:
1) Re-log! 99% of the time it fixes it.
2) Update your body and mesh parts. Get a redelivery of the applier.
3) Update your OMEGA relay, script or plugin activator. Reactivate the updated body you just got yourself! If you haven’t, do it now!
4) Make sure you are not in a NO SCRIPT area.
5) Re-log again after taking all of the above steps.
6) If it is “Terrible Tuesday” (ie maintenance day), come back tomorrow.
7) If it still won’t work, and only then, contact us. There is a myriad of meshes and bodies out there now and we are ALWAYS there to help but it is nearly impossible for us to know each and every mesh inside out. We supply you with the applier clothing or skins, we do not supply the mesh or the system that makes it work. Remember that, please.

Q: I have one of your Omega Appliers and a Maitreya Body. I am topless! Help!
A: First follow all the above steps. Then go to your settings and preferences and to USER INTERFACE. There make sure that your SCRIPT DIALOGUES PER OBJECT are set to UNCONSTRAINED. See here: You should get two pop-ups for the applier. if you do not get two you need to contact Omega for a new relay. We have tested this excessively to make it work and it works but you have to follow the instructions. there has been a change in the latest body that made this necessary. You will need “Omega System Relay HUD for Maitreya v.05” or higher for this!

Q: I have one of your Omega/Slink Appliers and they no longer work on my Slink Body/Head/Hands/Feet.
A: Slink has updated their products to work with Omega Appliers recently. You must buy the Omega System Kit – Slink at the Omega Main Store, our Store or on the Marketplace Next, you must UPDATE all of your Slink items to the LATEST VERSION at the Slink Store If you received your Slink parts as a gift you must get the person who paid for them to request the redelivery or contact Slink Resident with the transaction details for assistance.

Q: I would really like your XYZ Gacha item, can’t you just sell it to me? I pay more!
A: Due to the nature of Gacha it would be extremely unfair to people who have played or are playing to do that. As much as I am flattered that you love our things so much that you wish to pay extra I cannot in good conscience sell these items separately. You could always try a gacha yardsale or the Marketplace, however?

Q: So-and-so does something this way. Why don’t you?
A: Well… Really? Ok. We just don’t. We have reasons for how we do certain things and we have thought through all of our business decisions. They aren’t just completely random. Nor are they made by any one single person, so please refrain from berating someone to change something there and then, because they simply cannot. Aggie Mactavish is our Principle Designer and has set up this Store but since then we have gained partners who have put their Lindens into this to make it what it is and ensure we can grow.

Q: So-and-so sells their whatever for less than you. Can I get it for that price?
A: Absolutely not. You are very welcome to buy so-and-sos product instead if you prefer it.

Q: Why don’t you do more male stuff?
A: UPDATE: We now do offer male skins and avatar sets! The following still applied for clothing. While I would really like to cater for male avatars more I find it extremely hard to come up with ideas and once I actually finish a product I am never happy with it. I just don’t seem to be able to connect with it and I rather not offer bad designs on the grounds that I am just not into it. There may be more male designs in the future, as our brand grows we do have gained some new designers too.

We always welcome our customer’s suggestions and critique. We will take everything you have to say into consideration.


Our Store Policy:

– We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. If you have an issue please contact us in the first instance so we may assist you!

– All of our items are sold copy only. Occasionally we may offer something transfer only to enable you to gift an item in world. However to gift something you can also use the Marketplace gift option or our in world Vendors..

– We do not offer any refunds, exchanges or returns whatsoever.

– We cannot replace any transfer only items. You purchase and transfer these at your own risk.

– If you lost an item, please go to out redelivery terminal at our Mainstore. This is the fastest way for you to obtain a missing item.

– Please send a Notecard containing your name, purchase day and order number with an explanation of your issue and we will try to help you as best as we can after checking your purchase history.

– Most of our staff are located in central Europe. We will do our very best to answer your requests as soon as we can but please keep in mind that we may be in a different time zone. Usually a turn around time of at least 24 hours should be expected. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Ownership and Rights Statement:

– Stargazer creates skins, shapes, accessories and clothing for Sci-Fi and Fantasy Avatars. While we are continuously adding new things to our products, we do occasionally use some products made by other creators in our sets, adhering to the terms set by these vendors regarding their full perm products. As set out in these terms we cannot resell these items stand alone or with any other permission settings. If you ever have any doubt about an add on contained with one of our creations please notify us, so that we may take the necessary action.

– We digitally mark the textures of all of our skin creations to protect ourselves from theft and copy botting. This may be visible or invisible. Be assured that this does not affect the skin itself. We will report any misuse of our products.

– We take the protection of our copyright very seriously. If we discover that you in violation of the copyright and have unlawfully used any of our creations, we will file a DMCA report and we may bring legal proceedings against you, seeking monetary damages and an injunction to stop you using any stolen materials. You could also be ordered to pay legal costs.


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