A wonderful post by Selestine! Lovely! Thank you so very much!

Dawn Star Rising

Yes, I’m back. The surgery went well and I’m back home. I’m still not even close to 100% yet but I reeeeeally wanted to blog. Today I took on a sci-fi challenge, and have two more to go! I stumbled across this stunningly beautiful sim called Stardust. Normally I don’t share where I take my pictures, but this sim is so gorgeous and not well known that I want to share it with everyone. ALL photos in this set were taken there EXCEPT for the very last one. Also, all photos were done in region Windlight EXCEPT for the dancing one.

One final thing…. this post is NSFW. There are exposed boobies ahead.


It’s tough being a twi’lek. My master only wants me to dance all the time, but I don’t want to. I want to do my own thing on my own terms. How did this happen?


I guess…

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