From the Mists


Thank you so much Selestine for this beautiful post! ❤

Dawn Star Rising


I admit I’m a bit Guild Wars 2-happy right now, so my title is inspired from that.

Today we have another lovely skin from Stargazer Creations, being complimented by attire from LeeZu and Azuchi, respectfully.

This skin threw me for a loop when I got it. I was thinking “Okay, wow…. what can I wear with this? The colors are intense!” Finding this ensemble took me over an hour. I admit, I’m fussy-picky too. But even if you’re not fussy-picky, I really recommend this skin if you’re looking for something super different.

“Wait, all you seem to blog lately is ‘different’!”

True, but this skin gives you super different without being super out there different. I hope you’ll give it a try!

One thing you might notice is that on the ears in the front it won’t match properly in all lighting. From the back it looks perfect, but from…

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