A Little Thank You and Some Thoughts


It’s so nice that this is appreciated! I did this and I try and update it as much as I can to make it easier for customers to get a fast reply when I am afk or, god forbid, asleep on my keyboard! But I notice that very little people even look at the first page of my profile for terms or help, never mind going as far as the pics. So I think for this practice to work both vendors and customers need to work on some habits 🙂

Dawn Star Rising

No major post today since its the day before my surgery, but I wanted to write a little something addressed to the content creators of SL.

I want to say thank you for your hard work and for sharing your visions with the rest of us on the grid. Your creations help make our world that much more awesome.

I would also like to give a HUGE thank you to the content creators that take the time to post their store policies and FAQ’s on their websites and/or in their profiles. When I see this it makes me feel very comfortable about who I’m buying from. A store owner who takes the time to do this tells me that they are serious about their business. Laying everything out also makes for informed customers so they aren’t blindsided by things that could potentially pop up later on.

For those of you…

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