Nophia will steal your heart!


Dear Stargazers!

For the Thrift Shop 10.0 we present you with the newest Gallactic Beauty Nophia.

“Legend  has it that Nophia is the Thief of Stars and with her beauty and charms conquers and plunders other Galaxies of all their riches. Her skin sparkles with starlight and her features are soft and alluring, a trap many have fallen in to.”

Nophia is available for an amazing 50% off at the Thrift Shop 10.0 here

5 stunning colours await and the avatar includes skins, appliers, eyes and nail polish!

Nophia Violet Advert Nophia Medallion Advert

Nophia Juniper Advert Nophia Carmine Advert

Nophia Azure Advert


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