Gussy up at the Little Sideshow’s Boardwalk Gatcha!


Dear Stargazers!

We bring you something really special at the Boardwalk Gatcha – Tales From The Crypt.

Firstly we have some gruesomely awesome Platform Stomper Boots for you. 3 Rares to be snagged from the gatcha machine and 6 Commons.

Crypt Stomper Boots

And if that wasn’t enough we have some sorrowful make up sets for you.

As an extra special bonus there is an ULTRA RARE to be had in this gatcha which lets you choose any one of our Skin Sets* of your choice and we will custom add ALL make ups from the gatcha to the skin for you! You will also get the full pack of make up layer and appliers of course! Don’t miss out on this epic opportunity at just 75L$ per play!

Sorrow Maquillage

Your scary ride awaits here:

*Please note that this does not include Full Avatar Sets!


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