Pretty in pale for What the Goth?


Dear Stargazers,

We have released a new line of deliciously pale gothly skin essentials for you.

All five tones are available in both veined and pure variants (sold separately).

You can snag them for 50% off at the “What the Goth?” event here:

Keep your eyes peeled, as some new matching make up sets are coming soon for these beauties, appliers and all!

Death's Dance & Rigor Mortis Comparison

Rigor Mortis Ad - Spectral

Rigor Mortis Ad - Pallid

Rigor Mortis Ad - Livid

Rigor Mortis Ad - Ice

Rigor Mortis Ad - Flesh

 Death's Dance Ad - Spectral

Death's Dance Ad - Pallid

Death's Dance Ad - Livid

Death's Dance Ad - Ice

Death's Dance Ad - Flesh


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