My cancer fund and information about what I am currently going through.


In case you have missed it. The Lexi Project is in town to help out fellow awesome designer Lexi Zelin.

While I don’t have a close personal relationship with Lexi, in fact I doubt she recalls me at all, she is one of the few people who has inspired me to start making mesh clothing. She has been kind to me when I did’t know where my feet were when I first looked at any of it to answer some of the dumb noobie questions I had. If it hadn’t been for Lexi i probably wouldn’t have tried for a long time. Her advocating that it’s ok to use Marvellous Designer to get you started etc was very encouraging to someone who looks at Blender as the devil incarnate! ❤

My thoughts go to Lexi and her family and may she get all the support she needs in this hard time!

So people go and buy all the shiny things! Check out her fundme page and if you make shiny things join the wonderful The Lexi Project event which her friends have worked so hard to make happen over night. I arrived there and was in awe! it's sooooo huge!

AngelRED Couture

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On June 23rd I went through surgery to have an enlarged lymph node removed from the right side of my neck and biopsied.

On June 30th I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (cancer).

Here is some info on the illness

Since then I have gone through several tests and procedures including a bone marrow biopsy. As of right now scans show this is present in my neck, chest and spleen which makes it a stage 3. But, scans show it is highly likely that this has spread to my bone marrow and could be a stage 4. I should find out the results of the bone marrow biopsy July 20th.

Either way, July 22nd I will go back into surgery to have a port put in my chest for chemo. My oncologist plans to begin chemotherapy later that week.

This has been in incredibly hard time for me and…

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