Angels of the Dark


Trixie turned vampire warrior and we are loving it!

The Bag of Trix


We are the angels of the dark
Were everything you’ll ever need
We have the darkness on our side
It will guide us to a better life
The world is dying without faith
Only we will win this game
You will find a better life
In a world without sacrifice
No more fear and no more pain
We will protect you eternally
The only price you have to pay is to leave this world behind

~ BlutEngel, “Angels of the Dark”

I have a guest photographer today! Vel Moonkill of decided to do a photoshoot with me in all my fierce vampire warrior glory.

Today’s outfit is an ImmateriA event exclusive. You can only find it at Fair Play, and if you are looking for an outfit that screams badass attitude, this set will have you covered! It includes a beautifully textured dress, some wicked shoulderpads, and a headpiece…

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