A Clouded Vision


Rainbow, this is amazing! Thank you so much! your pictures always leave me in awe! ❤

Rainbow Sundae

I’m so excited about all the amazing events going on this month, I have more from We ❤ Roleplay to share with you including my gorgeous skin by Stargazer Creations called Cressida, part of the Extraterrestrial Skin range. I love the grey/pink tone of this skin and the beautiful red lips! My awesome boots are also at We ❤ Roleplay, by Lassitude & Ennui, they’re super detailed and really well made.

Totally Top Shelf is still open, you can find my collar and tiara there by Lulu, they’re part of the Astrid set which also has panties, bracelets and nipple covers and comes with a colour change hud.

Fantasy Gacha Carnival will soon be upon us and The Annex has the fabulous Death Becomes Her set coming out. I’m wearing the headdress, garter and diadem but there are also necklaces, earrings and bouquets to collect! These pieces are really beautiful…

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