Solo Post: Share This Poison


Ohhh so lovely! Thank you Trixie. By the way don’t forget we will be having a fair few skins half price at various events around too 🙂

The Bag of Trix

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I am incredibly pleased to announce that I have a new sponsor! I have been asked to blog for Tasty Pudding, and I gladly accepted. After wandering the streets of Innsmouth, I headed to a town with a similar foreboding atmosphere – just without the destruction and eldritch creepies (that I could see, anyways). I headed away from the docks and wandered to the town centre, snapping pictures along the way. My visit culminated with the discovery of a secret temple in the woods with a spellbook, sacred tree, and statues galore. I was in a witch’s paradise with all the herbs, potions, spellbooks, and other bits and bobs scattered around the city. All the potions I ran across reminded me of “Share This Poison” by Razed In Black. I felt it was a very fitting inspiration for today’s post!

On my adventure, I wore Tasty Pudding’s newest release…

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