Good vs Evil. Vampires on the loose. Outerworldly Invasions.


Dear Stargazers,

There is so much going on this month! Back to back events for you to visit and so many new shinies to find!

Stargazer Celestial Kirin

Totally Top Shelf – Alpha & Omega

To kick it off there is the eternal battle of Good against Evil. At this months Totally Top Shelf you find Our Celestial Kirin Avatar all inclusive of skins, appliers, hair and accessories to complete the look. opposing her is Demon Diabolica.

Celestial Kirin for TTS

Demon Diabolica for TTS

At Totally Top Shelf – OPEN NOW:

Against the Mainstream – Vampire Chronicles

In the darkness of a grand manor await the Vampire Chronicles. At Against the Mainstream, a new event for ghouls and darklings alike we have two exclusive make ups for you, appliers included.


Black Magic

In addition to this we have selected a few of our most vampy items for you, all reduced for the event!

Against the Mainstream Set Up

At Against The Mainstream Events – OPEN NOW: Haven/159/23/2491

Coming Soon:

We ❤ Roleplay – Anniversary Round

Extraterrestrial Invasion at We ❤ Roleplay’s Anniversary Round.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic event where creators went above and beyond to make this a special round to enjoy! Everything is reduced by 50% and we have not one but 3 New Releases for you! skins, eyes and finally Bugs & Aliens Antennae for Omega Appliers (As previously seen in out Exclusive Limited Fantasy Faire Avatar). That’s right, you can use your skin appliers to colour in your Antennae!

Skin available in 4 pale shades as well as one teaser skin for the brighter versions soon to be released!



Eyes available in 8 colours

Extraterrestrial Eyes Teal


Bugs and Aliens

We Roleplay – OPEN 05 May:

The Alchemy

Stargazer Cahira Kirtle Dress Poster

With the closure of the popular Event the Fantasy Room, The Alchemy is a new monthly event catering to Gorean, Fantasy and Medieval Roleplayers.

For this début round we bring you 10 new garments and 3 historical favourites all reduced for the event.

We are all set and ready for your for the opening day on the 5th May.

Stargazer at The Alchemy

The Alchemy – OPEN 05 May:

New in the Main Store

Fresh from the Fantasy Faire our Fenodyree arrive home. 5 Colours available. Each avatar jam packed of goodies!

Fenodyree Tide at Fantasy Faire

Fenodyree Flare at Fantasy Faire


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