Solo Post: Are You Scared?


Flutters at the Horror Haute. Trixie’s début post for this awesome event.
Welcome and congratulations Trixie and thank you so much for showing of our Limited Edition Fairy. Like Trixie said, go grab it at the Fantasy Faire as it will be gone after! xoxo

The Bag of Trix


Some more good news came my way…I was asked to blog for Horror Haute and The Witching Hour! I am very excited to cover these events and simply couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post some of the wonderful goodies from Horror Haute! The event is almost over, so I suggest getting over there as soon as possible. The theme for this round is Dark Fae and Elven Folks which ties in perfectly to the fae avatars I have been wearing recently.

My inspiration for this post comes from the song “Are You Scared?” by Santa Hates You. I was given a landmark to this ooky spooky house and the song immediately popped into my head when I entered. The outfit came together very quickly in the eerie atmosphere…I absolutely love all the delicious goodies you can get from Horror Haute!

The skirt and top ensemble I am wearing is the…

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