Fae Huntress


I am in love with this image of our mischievous fae ❤ It's nice to see her out in the woods in action! Thank you so much Rainbow. This is absolutely stunning!

Rainbow Sundae

One of the things I love about events like Fantasy Faire is that I always come across shops that are new to me. Quite how I’ve managed to miss Stargazer Creations is beyond me but I’m so glad I found them through Fantasy Faire! I fell in love with their Fenodyree avatar after seeing some pictures on Flickr, the skin is so pretty and I love the wonderful fantasy tones. The pack also comes with leaf accessories for arms and legs, hair and eyes (not shown here), horns, wings and hooves! I’m wearing them with my Maitreya body and got them to fit pretty well after a bit of shape tweaking.

Also at Fantasy Faire are my ears by Eclectica, the pose and bow/arrow props by Eternal Dream, the beautiful flowers with lights by The Looking Glass and the Causeway Builder’s Kit by Cube Republic. The links next to each…

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