Solo Post: Unseelie Dreams


Great post by Trixie! Thank you! ❤

The Bag of Trix


I’ve always loved the White Wolf RPG series. I was heavily into live action roleplay (LARP) when I lived in a larger city (Unfortunately, I am currently in sleepy retirementville at the moment and there are no groups around, sadly) and I loved dressing up and acting out stories. One of my favourite games in the White Wolf franchise has always been Changeling: The Dreaming. The idea of being half human and half fae was always interesting to me, and many of the characters I created for my Changeling LARPs are still in use in various online roleplaying forums. Because I love creating faerie characters so much, I was absolutely thrilled to discover the Fenodyree Avatar Set from Stargazer Creations.

The Fenodyree is a dark fae, with lightly veined skin that has an ombre tone. The shading on the skin is gorgeous, as is the detail. Included are four makeup…

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