Magic, mischief and mayhem at the Dark Fae Court


Dear Stargazers!

The Fantasy Faire 2015 is in full swing and we would like to introduce you to a cheeky creature loosely based on Manx folklore.

There are many tales surrounding the Fenodyree, once an honoured member of the Fairy Court fallen from grace and changed into a grotesque satyr-like creature.

Our versions include beautifully decorated horns, cloven hooves,  fairy wings, veined colourful skins and long unruly hair.

Appliers supported by Omega and Slink. Please see the individual images for full details of accessories included.

Fenodyree is available in 6 colours. One of which is a special Edition for this month’s Horror Haute: The Dark Fae Realms. This version is greatly reduced at the Horror Haute Event.

All Fenodyree Sets are 40% off at the Fantasy Faire and exclusive for the duration of this event.

Also at the Fantasy Faire you will find out Purple Passion Fairy Avatar. This is a Limited Special Edition Exclusive to Fantasy Faire and will not be available again after the Event. So hurry and grab yours while you can!

Our 100% contribution Vendors for Relay for Life are four cute Fairy Outfits including a variety of accessories.

Fantasy Faire: Grove/220/66/41

Stargazer at Fantasy Faire

Fenodyree Tide at Fantasy Faire

Fenodyree Orchid at Fantasy Faire

Fenodyree Nightshade at Fantasy Faire

Fenodyree Moss at Fantasy Faire

Fenodyree Flare at Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire Fairy Ad

FF RFL Fairy Dress Mystic

Horror Haute: Jane/62/65/2004

Horror Haute - Dark Fae Realms - The View

Stargazer at Horror Haute Dark Fae Realms

Horror Haute - Dark Fae Realms

Also still ongoing is the Create Your Own Tarot Event with this months theme of the Magician.

CYOT – Magician:

We're finally set!

Outfit available in 5 colours.

Make up (incl appliers for Omega and Slink) available in 5 colours.

And from the lovely Naenia Demina of Immateria by Moonlight comes a truly magical accessory, a ring with which you can summon a magical stone circle. 6 variations available.

Lastly We ❤ Roleplay is soon coming to a close for this month’s round. If you haven’t been you should check out Aethelgyth’s Regalia.

Ready yourself for battle or just armour up for a dangerous journey.

Available in 8 colours.

WLRP April 2015

Aethelgyth Regalia Oak

Aethelgyth Regalia Poster

Safe travels to you all!


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