Drow vs Orcs! Now at Totally Top Shelf – Realms


Dear Stargazers!

Bringing back fond memories of books and table top gaming as well as a fair bit of MMO exploration we are thrilled to present our new Drow and fully revised Orc Avatars with two outfit sets available for them.

These Avatars come in four shades for each race, fully compatible with Slink and Omega. We have included 3 sets of eyes in each, as well as some beautiful hair with respective brand new Stargazer Hair Huds to match. Each Avatar sports 6 different make up options.

The outfits are available in five select colours.

The Kamog Orc Rags feature some non-rigged mesh fur boots and appliers for Slink and Omega.

The Underdark Silks set includes sexy heels for Slink High Feet, flexi skirt insert and a flexi train, which was actually too large for the image.

Your carrier dragon awaits here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/FreakPort/78/101/3306

Orc - Foxy Fern

Drow - Edgy Eggplant

Underdark Silks - Ruby

Kamog Fur Rags - Rust

More images can be found in our Flickr stream to the left of the page!

Totally Top Shelf

Don’t forget to check out ImmateriA’s beautifully dark sorceress’ attire right next to us!

More info here:


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