About Blogger Reviews


As you may have noticed, we don’t typically send blogger packs in groups. We prefer personal communication and to get to know the people behind the blog.

We do however very much welcome Blogger requests!

There are a few conditions we would like to point out however:

– Ideally you have blogged our items before and can provide a link to the relevant post.

– If you make a request, you do so knowing you will blog the requested item.

– If we send you review copies that have not been requested by you we do not expect you to blog them. We are grateful if you do. If however we keep sending them and you never blog we may discontinue doing so.

– Preferably you have established a Flickr account and are following us there. If you could share your posts in our group here https://www.flickr.com/groups/stargazercreations/ that would be wonderful!

If you can agree to these terms we would love to hear from you by filling out a notecard with your calling card, blog link, the item you would like to blog and your choice of colours if applicable. If you could indicate when you will blog this we’d appreciate it.

Once you have blogged, please send us a link with the post. We will be very happy to share this on our own social networking sites to return the favour!

Veterans and Newcomers are welcome. You understand we are under no obligation to provide items to you even if we have done so before. We do not have to explain ourselves but in most cases we will do our best to do so.

At the same time we understand that you too are not obliged to blog our items. We ask that you make request only for items you wish to blog but we are aware that situations may occur where you cannot follow through. In this case we would appreciate a small note to let us know. If you no longer wish to receive our items and know you will not blog them, please let us know as soon as possible to avoid any misunderstandings.

Please keep in mind any event blogger requirements that you have agreed to when you signed up for events. This is separate from our own policy so you should always check with your events what is required from you.

Many thanks to the wonderfully talented Bloggers out there, who present our creations in the most beautiful, curious, colourful and sometimes bizarre ways. We love your individuality and for us there is no wrong style you can blog in.

Much appreciation and may your muses never leave you!



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